Live pleasantly and feel at home

CoJo Housing is a friendly provider of student accommodation in the Netherlands and we offer more than 200 rooms in the region of Delft. Since 2010, we have been focussing on buying residences and making them suitable as student houses. We offer good and affordable accommodations for national and international students and we are still growing!

CoJo Housing has 5 locations at Delft and 1 at Rijswijk, only available for students of the Technical University of Delft.

We like our tenants to live pleasantly and feel at home at one of our locations as we believe housing is the main foundation of a fantastic and successful time for every student.

National students
Our locations ‘Van Gaalenlaan’, ‘Voorstraat’, ‘Van Almondelaan’ and ‘Simonsstraat 105-107’ are only available for students who are members of Virgiel, Delft’s largest student association. Visit Virgiel’s website for more information on how to get a room at one of these locations. For our location ‘Abtswoude’ please go to www.abtswoudebloeit.nl

International students
We are very proud that CoJo Housing has partnered with the Technical University of Delft to offer incoming international students help in finding accommodation. At our locations ‘Jaagpad’ and ‘Simonsstraat 113-115-117’ we offer fully furnished housing to more than 120 international students.

30% of the master students at Technical Univerity of Delft and even over 60% of the PhD students are international students. We can honestly say that you will become part of a truly international community at one of our locations especially reserved for international students!

BSc and MSc students are offered a one-year contract for a whole acadamic year. MSc students may decide to prolong their contract for one extra year.

You can only rent a room at Simonsstraat through the portal of the international Office of the Technical University of Delft. Click here for more info. For booking a room at our location Jaagpad, please click here.

A friendly provider of student accommodation

More than 200 rooms in the region of Delft.

Live pleasantly and feel at home

Good and affordable housing for national and international students.

Relax or study at Jaagpad

Located by the ‘De Vliet’ canal. At Jaagpad we have 95 vailable rooms.

Available Rooms

Please keep in mind that you can only apply for one room.

Jaagpad 1
Location   95   19
Available Available (couples room) Reserved Rented
Room Info
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Bedding Package (See FAQ) at €89,-
Pans and Pots Package (See FAQ) at €50,-
Personal Fridge (See FAQ) at €8,- per month

Hereby I agree to sign a lease agreement from 14 of August 2020 until 16 of August 2021
Hereby I agree to pay the first month of rent and the two last months of rent in advance within 5 days after receiving the invoice to make the reservation final
Hereby I agree to pay a contract fee of €150 (including 21% VAT) and a deposit of €150 in advance within 5 days after receiving the invoice to make the reservation final

Our accommodations

Starting with Jaagpad 1, this building is located in Rijswijk and has 95 rooms with shared facilities. On each floor is a shared kitchen and we have a total of 18 shower rooms and 21 toilets. At the ground floor we have a huge common area with the possibility to relax outside. You can see our shared facilities here.


Our location for international students at Simonsstraat 113-115-117 in Delft is located near all the faculties. This former monestry has 24 rooms with 6 shower rooms and 7 toilets. There are 2 shared kitchens and we have a garden to relax. You can see our shared facilities here.

Other accommodations in Delft

Our locations ‘Van Gaalenlaan’, ‘Voorstraat’, ‘Van Almondelaan’ and ‘Simonsstraat 105-107’ are only available for students who are members of Virgiel, Delft’s largest student association. Visit Virgiel’s website for more information on how to get a room at one of these locations.

Abtswoude - Delft

Abtswoude is the name of a former residence for the elderly in Delft. At this moment only 50 houses are available for the elderly. CoJo Housing has upgraded and transformed the remaining 150 houses for student accommodation and for accommodation of people of Stichting Perspektief. Both Dutch and international students live together in Abtswoude. The complex has been divided in 14 student houses and one large common area on the ground floor with spaces to relax and to take it easy. The Technical university of Delft, Local Government of Delft and SHS Delft have been our well appreciated partners in this project with the name “Abtswoude Bloeit”.

Voorstraat 63

Voorstraat 63 is a monumental house. 19 male students of the TU Delft and one dog live in this house. The house is beautifully located at one of the oldest canals in Delft. The house is named Heerenhuysch De Coen.

Van Gaalenlaan 8

This studenthouse at the Van Gaalenlaan 8 in Delft is rented out to 4 female students of the TU Delft. There is no garden but the terrace on the balcony is very comfortable.

Van Almondestraat 70A

The student house on the Van Almondestraat 70A is small but very nice, quiet and comfortable. This location is rented out to 3 students in total.

Simonstraat 105 - 107

The building at the Simonsstraat 105-107 used to be a former stables building. The ground floor could house several horses, but after renovating the building this location is now the residence for 14 female students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accommodation & Services

What services are included in the monthly rental price?
The following services are included:
  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Fully equiped kitchen
  • Wi-Fi
  • All costs of use of gas, water, electricity, municipal taxes and waste management
  • Use of washing machines & dryers
  • Maintenance services
  • Emergency service
What furniture is included in the rooms?
At our Available Rooms page you can see photos of our rooms where you can see every room is fully furnished. All rooms are equipped with:
  • A bed with mattress and of course a new mattress cover
  • Nightstand with lamp
  • Desk, office chair and lamp
  • A closet with hangers
  • A dresser and a bookcase
  • A lounger
  • A stool and extra chair
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Laundry rack
  • A mirror
What additional services do you offer?
Every week the common areas are cleaned, so the kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and hallways by our cleaning man. Of course, we expect all the tenants to leave these shared areas clean after use as living in a clean environment is essential.
We offer the following extra services:
  • Our bedding package for €89,-: we offer a good quality bedding package ready in your room when you arrive. The bedding package contains a fitted sheet and duvet cover, a good quality duvet, a pillow and a towel. You can order this package during the booking process of your room.
  • A pans and pots package for 50,-; our kitchens are fully furnished with dishes, cutlery, plates and glasses. Though we noticed that our tenants don’t like to share their pots and pans. If you want your own set of pans and pots than we can take care that the OUMBÄRLIG pan set from IKEA is in your room when you arrive. See the website of Ikea for more information about how the pans and pots set looks like.
  • A personal fridge for €8,- per month: we have fridges with freezers in our large kitchens which can be used by all the tenants. If you prefer to have your personal fridge in your room than you can order your personal fridge during the booking process of your room.
Is the kitchen fully equipped?
Yes, our kitchens are fully equipped with dishes, cutlery, plates and glasses. You also have stoves, fridges with freezers, microwaves and ovens. We offer a pots and pans package for your own personal use or you buy them yourselves. At our location Jaagpad we cook on induction and at our location Simonsstraat we cook at electric stoves.
Do I have internet?
Yes, in the rent is included our Wi-Fi connection.
Can I do my laundry for free?
Yes you can! Every accommodation is equipped with a washing machine. At Jaagpad we also have dryers available for our tenants.
With how many tenants do I share the accommodation?
At our location Simonsstraat we have 24 rooms with 3 double/couple rooms so a total of 27 tenants living on 3 floors. At Jaagpad we have 95 rooms with 5 double/couple rooms so there are living a total of 100 tenants. Our ground floor is the smallest with 14 rooms and on the first, second and third floor we have around 27 rooms per floor.
How many toilets and shower rooms are at the accommodation?
At Simonsstraat we have 7 toilets and 6 shower rooms and at our location Jaagpad we have 22 toilets and 18 showers. It's possible to change yourself in the shower rooms so don’t worry about your privacy. At Jaagpad we have also 6 toilets only for women and 6 toilets only for men, the other 10 toilets are shared.
Who will be my housemates?
We rent our rooms to international Master Students and PhD students from the Technical University of Delft. So this means that your fellow tenants come from all around the world!
Do you offer housing for only females?
No, we only offer mixed gender housing.


How do I book a room by CoJo Housing?
Go to our Available Rooms page and follow these steps:
  • First things first! You will choose a room that fits your wishes in our overview rooms page.
  • Once you've chosen a room you can click on the room and you will see the details of this room like rental price and the size of the room.
  • Next, if you click on Apply you can fill in your personal details, upload your acceptance letter and copy of your passport. There you will find more information about your booking and the details of the down payment. You can also book one of our additional services like the bedding package, pans and pots package and your personal fridge here.
  • Once you click on Sent Application the room is RESERVED on our page. We will sent you asap the first invoice and instructions how to pay this invoice. You need to pay this invoice within 5 working days and then the reservation is final. You will see that as your room will be not available anymore on the booking page as it is BOOKED! One of our team members will get in touch with you within 5 working days to formalize the booking by sending a signed lease contract.
Can I also book for a semester or for short term?
No, we only rent out for full study years starting at August 2021 till August 2022. For the actual day of the month you can check the room manager, as this varies from year to year. However, due to COVID-19, we will allow later enrollments for the 2020 - 2021 college year.
What payment method does CoJo Housing use?
You can only pay to us with a bank transfer. Paying with credit card or over PayPal is not possible.
What is the deposit for?
We charge a deposit of €150 that we will return immediately after you left the room clean and complete, after you returned the key and after you have shown us that you are not registered anymore in our accommodation.
What is the cancellation policy if I cancel my application by TU Delft?
If you cancel your international experience and cancel your application at the Technical University of Delft, you can also cancel the booking of your room with us, at least before 1 of July 2019. You need an official statement of your admission officer with your cancellation of your course.

After 1 of July 2019 it’s not possible to cancel the room anymore and you will be responsible for the full rent period contract with the resulting costs. However, we will certainly fully commit ourselves to keeping the costs as low as possible for you, by finding a new tenant who is willing to take over your contract.

Arrival & Practical Matters

What do I need to bring with me to the Netherlands?
Our rooms and kitchens are fully furnished, so you only need to bring your clothes and laptop. We offer a bedding package so you don’t have to bring a duvet, towel and sheets with you and we have a pans and pots package as an option but you are free to bring your own pottery or to buy this after your arrival.
What to do in case of a problem or emergency?
In case of an emergency like for example a fire please phone 112 for immediate help from the Fire Department, In case of power shutdown or extreme leakage, you can WhatsApp us at phone number 0031-643906245.


Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


COJO HOUSING has an impressive network of professionals. Interested in a partnership? Don’t hesitate to contact us.